Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thing 10. Sharing Photos

So I've often shared photos on FB so I'm not so sure about this instagram. I'm not following too many people there because frankly, there's not enough people I want to follow on there yet. This does encourage me to want to get my library's FB account active and I could use it to promote various books, that might include reviews. I couldn't help but want to know more how instagram might be used in libraries so of course, I googled it. I found this posting that is a bit old but it gave me some additional ideas.

I might use it.

Thing 8. Social Media Management Tools

I feel pretty good about the social media platforms that I use these days. I've got a twitter account, have been on FB for what seems like forever! I'm on linkedin and google+ but I haven't used any of the management tools. I think I'm just pretty skeptical about privacy. I don't really want to link any of my other accounts to each other. Is that weird?

I feel like as far as the ones I've used, I'm using them the way I want to. I don't use twitter much, google+ has really dropped off. I only use linkedin professionally so I'm not on there much. FB is really my go to social media tool.

I wonder if that makes me old? :-)

Thing 9 Taking & Editing Photos

I downloaded the LINE camera. I pulled up a picture of my sisters and I and just added the word "Sisters".   I haven't used many of the editing software apps much. It seems like I could really enjoy it if I got to use it well. It seems the learning curve is too high for my level of patience in learning it, IMHO.  I like to learn things NOW.  I've attached a collage picture of a recent trip with my sisters.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thing 7. Content Saving & Sharing

Pinterest is an easy one. I've got it both on my iphone and ipad. It passes the time and I've used it to make collections for ideas mostly personal. I have used it to save lists of books that I really enjoy or ones that I might want to read. I've included a screenshot from my phone to show you an example of my lists.

Thing 6. Creating and Editing

I first tried to download the Cloud On app but because I'm working with a first generation Ipad, my I don't have a compatible operating system. I then went to QuickOffice and that installed fine with my older operating system. I was able to install it fine and even had been working on a document that I decided to add to my google drive so I can view it as a pdf but to actually edit it, I needed to ALSO install google drive. I went to install the google drive and it needed the higher operation system that I can't install.

I did play around with it and I could access my google drive but could only open it as a pdf. I opened it and copied the document and pasted it into a new document which I could save on my ipad. It's not ideal but I could work with it.

Thing 5. Notetaking

Ok, I'll come back to this and hopefully I can get this completed before June 15th as I want to win a PRIZE !!!  :-)

Interestingly enough, this thing includes the notetaking apps. I've explored these before. I've got the first two already on my ipad. Although, I just received an email that says that SpringPad is ending. Thankfully, I don't really use it. SpringPad is recommending migrating to Evernote. I also have an account there too but I rarely use it.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

thing 4 - 23 mobile things - Keeping Up

I have both Flipboard and Zite on my ipad. I like them both really well.

With Flipboard, I haven't yet set up an account so I'm limited on what I can include on that. I go with the canned posts from Oddity Central, Hello Giggles, Soul Pancake and Open Culture.  I wonder if I actually broke down and set up an account if I could customize it more?

I set up Zite on my iphone as well as on my ipad. I enjoy reading on various topics there. It does make me wonder how they select the posts that I do see. I have noticed the trends on my "top stories" page. I like that I can tell them that I want more of something or less of something. Most recently, I've included a section for New Zealand as I hope to travel there for a study abroad experience in about a year.